Hug a Tree and Laugh like a Child for Charity Campaign

Hug a tree and Laugh like a Child for Charity!

~show your passion in life, release all inhibitions and return to child innocence through laughter

~take a video and help the stressed and depressed
~share your laughter in Taipei on World Laughter Day on May 7th

Dr.Kataria joined us.

To spread the message of Live, Love, Laugh and to raise public awareness in the World Laughter Day event, the Taiwan Laughter Yoga Association has initiated the

'Hug a Tree and Laugh like a Child
for Charity Campaign'.
The public is encouraged to take a 10-15 sec video hugging a tree and laughing. Participants can do it alone, with a partner or even in a group!
Upon receiving 100 videos, which will be uploaded on their fb fans page, the Association will make a donation (NT$100,000) to the John Tung Foundation to sponsor activities on dealing with stress management and depression.
Take your video and send as a Message to the Campaign's FB Fans Page :
Please also include your name and country in the message. Your video will be shown at the Taiwan World Laughter Day celebration venue on 2017/5/7. Go! Go! Go! Hohohahaha...
For information about the John Tung Foundation, please refer to: